Clients Served by the Landlord Academy

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Landlord Academy

The Loan Corporation founder Harry Hedaya is an experienced mortgage industry business executive and investor in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area. In 2007, The Loan Corporation was the largest mortgage lender in the entire state of Florida. In addition to his professional work, Harry Hedaya has invested in the startup of the Tampa Bay-based company the Landlord Property Management Academy.

A property management training, coaching, and consulting firm, the Landlord Academy has delivered over 50,000 certifications to individuals in all 50 states. Founded by well-known author and property manager Bryan Chavis, the company focuses on an educational mix of technology and service to help individuals become extraordinary property managers.

Those served by the Landlord Academy include the following:
– Real estate professionals and real estate brokers
– Independent landlords
– Public housing authorities
– Real estate associations
– Real estate schools

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