About Harry Hedaya


An entrepreneur and executive with more than two decades of experience in mortgage lending, Harry Hedaya currently runs one of the country’s top consumer finance companies. The recipient of a degree in finance and accounting from the University of Tampa, Harry Hedaya spent much of his early career in Los Angeles, where he served as the executive vice president of national operations for Beverly Hills Securities and later cofounded RMAC, which became the largest correspondent lender for the Money Store. From there, Mr. Hedaya launched the Loan Corporation and subsequently turned it into a premier name in residential mortgage lending for families in Florida’s Tampa Bay area and elsewhere. Between 2000 and 2009, Mr. Hedaya oversaw substantial growth at the Loan Corporation, with a peak annual loan volume of $700 million and nearly 200 employees in four states.

In tandem with his responsibilities at the Loan Corporation, Mr. Hedaya purchased 50 percent of the Landlord Academy, which offers various training and certification services to property managers. Mr. Hedaya subsequently left the Loan Corporation to cofound a Tampa-based consumer finance firm, where today he serves as the director.

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