Property Management Certification Course at Florida’s Landlord Academy

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Property Management Certification

Over the course of his career, Harry Hedaya held leadership positions at three firms in the financial and mortgage lending industry, including a business listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500. Harry Hedaya, who founded The Loan Corporation, also supports educational opportunities and has previously invested in The Landlord Property Management Academy (TLPMA) in Tampa, Florida. Educational courses offered by TLPMA include online and in-person classes for property management certification.

The Property Management Certification course is designed to provide students with the required skills and systems knowledge to for immediate use in the real estate industry. Taught by Landlord Academy founder Bryan M. Chavis, the course draws from real life scenarios that took place on subject property and focuses on the delivering the most updated information. Furthermore, the course replaces textbooks with operations manuals to provide students with the necessary tools and systems for a profitable businesses.

Topics covered during the course range from conducting market studies and proper investment analyses to managing rental properties and handling related issues. Students will also receive instruction on the five phases of property management and learn to use the latest property management software and other tools of the trade.

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