Examples of Unsecured Debt and Consequences of Not Repaying

Unsecured Debt pic
Unsecured Debt
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Founder of The Loan Corporation, Harry Hedaya possesses expertise in retail residential loans. Additionally, Harry Hedaya specializes in debt resolution and leads a prominent unsecured debt resolution company in Florida.

When a person applies and receives approval for a loan that requires no collateral, he or she accrues unsecured debt once they use the funds. Student loans, medical expenses, and utility bills are common forms of unsecured debt. Other types include back rent and income taxes as well as department store credit cards and court judgments that have not progressed to the point of wage garnishments.

Though collateral such as a personal residence or vehicle cannot be repossessed if the borrower fails to fulfill their financial responsibilities, the contractual agreement stipulates that delinquent payments may be reported to credit bureaus. In more severe cases, a creditor can file a lawsuit to recover money. If a judgment is approved, a borrower can expect a creditor to receive access to personal income information to determine what bank accounts and wages will be garnished to recoup funds. A borrower at risk of a judgment or in need of unsecured debt resolution should contact qualified professionals to help remedy the issue.

Loan Corporation Listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500

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Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500
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Harry Hedaya possesses over 20 years of experience in investment and finance management, and previously served as the president of the Loan Corporation. Under Harry Hedaya’s leadership, the California-based direct mortgage lending firm was listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 under his leadership.

Entrepreneur’s Top 500 released its first listing 37 years ago and continues to operate as one of the top performing comprehensive franchise rating systems worldwide. Inclusion on the list requires companies and business to undergo a thorough examination based on objective and quantifiable factors for managing a franchise operation, such as the number of years in business, startup costs, litigation, and termination percentage. The listing places emphasis on the importance of growth rate and financial strength and stability. Analysis of financial data is performed by an independent certified public accountant

In addition to the top overall franchises, Entrepreneur’s Top 500 also releases annual listings based on other characteristics. These listings include top low-cost franchises, fastest growing franchises, and top global franchises.

For more information on the Entrepreneur’s Top 500 list or to view the most recent list, visit entrepreneur.com/franchise500.

Debt Settlement as a Possible Strategy for Reducing Debt

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Debt Settlement
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With more than two decades in the mortgage industry, Harry Hedaya has leveraged his vast experience to make Tampa, Florida, based National Settlement Services a first-rate national, debt-reduction company. Harry Hedaya was also the owner and founder of the Loan Corporation, which, under his management, employed 200 individuals and achieved $18.8 million in annual sales. His achievements were recognized in Entrepreneur magazine.

Debt settlement is a debt-reduction option available to consumers experiencing strong financial hardship. Often, these debts prevent consumers from paying bills and cause them to fall behind in payments. Also known as debt negotiation, this debt management option facilitates lower monthly payments than those of the credit-counseling option.

The typical duration of a debt-settlement program is about three years. During this time, payments are not being made to creditors. As such, this option, as with others, does hurt your credit score, at least until repayment is complete.

Nonetheless, in comparison to other debt-reduction strategies, this most often aids in relieving one of debt sooner and for the least amount of money without filing of bankruptcy.

Consulting with a professional in debt-reduction and management to determine the best option for the situation is advised.

Clients Served by the Landlord Academy

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Landlord Academy
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The Loan Corporation founder Harry Hedaya is an experienced mortgage industry business executive and investor in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area. In 2007, The Loan Corporation was the largest mortgage lender in the entire state of Florida. In addition to his professional work, Harry Hedaya has invested in the startup of the Tampa Bay-based company the Landlord Property Management Academy.

A property management training, coaching, and consulting firm, the Landlord Academy has delivered over 50,000 certifications to individuals in all 50 states. Founded by well-known author and property manager Bryan Chavis, the company focuses on an educational mix of technology and service to help individuals become extraordinary property managers.

Those served by the Landlord Academy include the following:
– Real estate professionals and real estate brokers
– Independent landlords
– Public housing authorities
– Real estate associations
– Real estate schools

For additional information on the academy, visit www.landlordacademy.com.

Property Management Certification Course at Florida’s Landlord Academy

 Property Management Certification Image: rentalpropertysystems.com
Property Management Certification
Image: rentalpropertysystems.com

Over the course of his career, Harry Hedaya held leadership positions at three firms in the financial and mortgage lending industry, including a business listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500. Harry Hedaya, who founded The Loan Corporation, also supports educational opportunities and has previously invested in The Landlord Property Management Academy (TLPMA) in Tampa, Florida. Educational courses offered by TLPMA include online and in-person classes for property management certification.

The Property Management Certification course is designed to provide students with the required skills and systems knowledge to for immediate use in the real estate industry. Taught by Landlord Academy founder Bryan M. Chavis, the course draws from real life scenarios that took place on subject property and focuses on the delivering the most updated information. Furthermore, the course replaces textbooks with operations manuals to provide students with the necessary tools and systems for a profitable businesses.

Topics covered during the course range from conducting market studies and proper investment analyses to managing rental properties and handling related issues. Students will also receive instruction on the five phases of property management and learn to use the latest property management software and other tools of the trade.

For more information on the Property Management Certification class and other courses, visit rentalpropertysystems.com.